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Behavioral Investment Counseling (BIC)

Our philosophy of advice; the most important determinant in producing real lifetime returns comes from behavior. 

People can pretend to have the secret formula, but no one can consistently predict when markets will peak or bottom out. At Impassioned Wealth Management we believe it is crucial to assist our clients in responding prudently whether we are in times of euphoria near market tops, or despair at market bottoms. Good behavior at these points protects long term plans and bad behavior tears down even the best of plans. 


Our clients periodically come to us with some version of "this time is different." This time...the government is irredeemably corrupt, inflation is going higher, taxes are going higher, the market will keep going lower, etc. They may want to sell everything and head for the hills. When we hear these phrases, our response is "this too shall pass,” because it will. We speak this countercultural investment truth because we want to help our clients accomplish the reasons they were born, retire comfortably and stay comfortably retired. It won't happen if we are jumping in and out of the market, that does not work. It is why we are goal focused and plan driven. It is why assisting our clients with their investment behavior is a nonchoice choice, it is woven into everything we do. 

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