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At Impassioned Wealth Management, we believe that human nature draws most people into behavior that is harmful to their lifetime investment returns














Unsuccessful investors that I have known or know of are disabled by human nature, they continually ask the question “how can I earn the highest returns today?” This is a logical question, but it misdirects.  It brings a short-term focus of days/weeks/months. It leads down a path of confusion and financial misery. The bad investment behavior that follows this short-term focus negatively drives lifetime returns. 

Excellent investors that I have known or know of have a long-term perspective. They look at the drawing above and understand that in 10 years, the Days/Weeks/Months volatility on the left will look like ¼ of an inch of wiggles on the right (Decades).  

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2022.8.18 #9 Days weeks months or Decades.PNG
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