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David Smith

Behavioral Investment Counselor (BIC) & Founder

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P218 County Road 7

Napoleon OH, 43545


David's areas of expertise are in his practice of retirement and estate planning, investment management, behavioral investment counseling, systemic risk mitigation, and strategic planning for businesses and families.


David Smith has over 35 years of experience in managing the investments of individuals, families, corporations and foundations. David spends a meaningful amount of time with non-profit foundations, trying to help them understand and solve their largest problems. 

In his years of experience, he has found that there is opportunity in every season, and he is passionate about helping others capture their opportunity.


David is happily married to his wife of 32  years, Corina. They are kept busy by their seven children, ranging in age from twenty-six to nine. 


David enjoys golfing, shooting, walking, and reading. He is currently writing a book from a Christian worldview, aimed at helping people accomplish all the reasons they were born.

4 Things People Ask David

  1. How do we create a comfortable income that we won’t outlive?

  2. How do we help our children/grandchildren become all that they were created to be/are capable of being?

  3. How do we improve the effectiveness of our charitable giving?

  4. I am considering selling my business, how do I maximize my after tax profits?


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