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What Makes us Different

1) Our Perspective

  • Selection, timing, and outperformance are the lies that our industry sells.  The truth is, we don't know what will happen next (nobody truly does); therefore, we won't pretend to.  In reality, it doesn't matter.  There is opportunity in every economic season, and through the proper long term plan and portfolio we seek to be prepared in all of them.

  • We are focused not only at the ROI (return on investment), but the EROI (eternal return on investment).

  • 10% of our profits go to Christian organizations that we believe have a high EROI.  Learn more

2) How We Treat You

  • We are true fiduciaries; meaning, we put our clients' best interest above our own.  Period.

  • We care about the lives and purposes of our clients, not just the assets under management they bring us.  We are committed to supporting them in achieving their purposes in life.

  • Whenever possible, clients' assets are held in direct registration in the clients' name.  This significantly reduces systemic risk.

  • We practice what we preach.  We won't advise you to do something we wouldn't do ourselves.

  • We consider ourselves to be your personal behavioral wealth counselor.  We believe that the biggest single factor determinate of investors receiving long term, real life gains in our portfolios is their investment behavior.  Therefore, our job is to help you to take the emotion out of investing; reminding you to keep a long term investment perspective and encouraging you to stick to the investment plan.  We are big mistake insurance.  We are here to advise you not to make emotional decisions that will cost your financial future.  

3) Who We Are:

  • Followers of Jesus Christ

  • Family focused

  • Pro-life supporters

  • Gun owners

  • Capitalists

  • Americans

Anchor 1

10% of our profits goes to Christian organizations that we believe have a high EROI

Some of the organizations we have supported are:

India Ministry

We support a friend and pastor (name is withheld for his protection) who plants and supports home churches in villages across multiple states in India.  This ministry also gives away rice and food in these villages and organizes Bible school for children there.

Lifewise Academy

This ministry is building Bible based, character education for kids during school hours.  Lifewise builds a building next to a school where students are able to be go under a "released time religious instruction" to learn about the Bible during school hours.  Learn more on their website:

Africa Ministry

We support another friend and pastor's ministry (name is withheld for his protection) who does evangelistic crusades in Africa leading people to Jesus Christ and support the believers there.

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