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Retirement Planning

At retirement, your financial life basically becomes one question:  Will your money outlive you, or will you outlive your money? 

If you don't have a plan in place to increase your income by at least as much as your living costs in retirement, then you may unintentionally have a plan for running out of money.


Let's assume for the moment you will retire and need to live for 30 years off of your lifetime savings.  At the historical inflation trendline of 3%, the cost of living will rise nearly two and a half times in the span of that 30 years of your retirement.  In other words, what $1 bought at the beginning of your retirement will now take $2.40 to buy in the 30th year. 

The good news is, we can help you by creating the right type of plan to best position your money to outlive you.  Contact us to learn more!

Multi-Generational Wealth Building

We want to help you build a legacy to pass on to the next generation of your family, and we are here to help you both build a legacy plan and also to help educate your family on how to be responsible wealth stewards with the goal of continuing that legacy to future generations.  

Strategic Planning for Buying or Selling a Business

Selling your business?  We will developing a strategic plan for maximizing the after tax profits from the sale of your business. 


Thinking of investing in a business?  We can add value by evaluating the financial trajectory and market space of the company you are looking to acquire, giving you a broader understanding of the potential opportunity.

Investment Management

Whatever your reason for investing is, (being prepared for life's uncertainties, having a meaningful retirement, saving for education, creating legacies for family and charity, etc.) we can create and manage a custom portfolio designed to help you meet your specific goals. 

But it doesn't end there.  We believe that the biggest single factor determinate of investors receiving long term, real life gains in our portfolios is their investment behavior.  We are behavioral wealth counselors, helping you to take the emotion out of investing, reminding you to keep a long term investment perspective, and encouraging you to stick to the investment plan. 


Consider us big mistake insurance.  We are here to advise you not to make emotional decisions that will cost your financial future.  

Financial Planning

We will sit down with you and evaluate your current financial situation and help you determine what your financial goals are.  Then together we will create a plan to accomplish those goals, including an investment portfolio custom tailored to both your personal risk tolerance assessment and financial plan.

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